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EziGAS Cylinder Exchange

EziSWAP Gas Cylinder Exchange Taupo

The most competitive Gas Cylinder Swap System now available from Parts and Services Taupo

Introducing Ezi Swap Gas, the industrial gas swap system now available to purchase and swap in store from PSL Taupo. Whatever your gas needs we have a broad range of gases, mixes and cylinder sizes, including Acetylene, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Unlike other gas suppliers there are no rental fees, contracts, administration fees, testing or low usage charges.

Once you have purchased the first cylinder you can swap the cylinder when you are empty and pay only for the price of the gas. There is no delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you. The filled gas cylinder is yours until it’s swapped again.

Check out our full range of gas or come ask us about it the next time you are instore.

Email: sales@eziswapgas.co.nz


Website: www.eziswapgas.co.nz